Saturday, November 3, 2007

Peter Organa, Pet Photographer

Once again, Peter Organa will be offering a special deal of 25% off to all clients. Peter has quickly become a well known pet photographer, and you can see his photos on the covers of the October/November and December/January Animal Wellness magazine. You can contact Peter by phone at 416.261.7349 or via email at

To see some of his amazing photos, as well as his rates, take a look at his website: This offer expires December 15th, 2007.

Rates for 2008

I had planned to raise rates a little bit because of the high cost of fuel, starting January 1/08, but since GST is being cut by 1% I will leave them at the 2007 rates.

Global Pet Foods' discount for clients

Global Pet Foods, located at 3110 Kingston Road, continues to offer a 15% discount to all clients of Three Star Pet Sitting Services, for everything except grooming and boarding. The offer is ongoing and is available at this location only. The store is located at Kingston Road and Fenwood Heights, just east of McCowan Road on the north side.

Just identify yourself as a client when you pay.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

City of Toronto Dog and Cat licenses

Dogs and cats within Toronto must be licensed. If your pet isn't licensed, you can apply online or via mail. Please check this site for more information:

I cannot walk any dog that doesn't have a current license. Bylaw officers can issue tickets to the person who is walking the dog, whether it's the owner or dog walker.

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