Monday, September 29, 2008

Upcoming event: Wishbones for pets

I am currently collecting cat and dog food, treats and supplies as a representative of Wishbones for Pets. WFP is a pet sitter driven organization that began with a pet sitter in the U.S. who wanted to give something back to the community. She came up with a food drive for pets that coincides with the Thanksgiving season. I will be leaving plastic bins in several stores in the east end of Toronto and Scarborough where people can drop these items off. I've chosen two recipients, Annex Cat Rescue and Great Dane Rescue, Inc.

I'm in the process of adding drop off locations so stay tuned, more will follow! This will begin this week and continue through to the end of Thanksgiving week.


Global Pet Foods
3110 Kingston Road
Scarborough, ON

Kim's Dog Grooming
3785 Kingston Road
Scarborough, ON

Great Dane Rescue Inc's wish list

Annex Cat Rescue's wish list

Three Star Pet Sitting Services's Fan Box