Thursday, December 5, 2019

Christmas cat food drive and fundraiser

As many of you know, Gerri Beirnes passed away at the end of May. She has run a cat sanctuary for years on her own called Catty Cat Catuary, and now the cats need our help. Friends and family are taking care of them and are also in the process of finding forever homes or foster homes for them. This is a HUGE task, as you can imagine.

There were approximately 60 cats in residence this past spring and as of December there are still 30.

I’m coordinating a food drive and fundraiser. The cats’ needs are mostly food, litter, vet care and medication, and I’ve asked Judy Wilson, a friend of Gerri's and one of the caregivers, for a list of things they need. I can pick the food up from anyone in east Toronto to Guildwood and give it to Judy who goes out to Grimsby once or twice a week to help. Here is what they need:

• Gift cards. They can be Mastercard, Visa or to any grocery stores, Canadian Tire (they sell cat food) PetSmart etc.

• Food: They eat Friskies the most. Pate is the most popular though some of the shreds like turkey and cheese are popular too. They also like Fancy Feast. Basically, pretty much anything is fine.

• Paper towels

I’ve also set up an Amazon wishlist, so if you buy something from there it will be shipped directly to me:

Here is our Go Fund Me fundraiser:

And of course, the cats need homes. While there are 30 lucky cats who have new homes there are 30 that need fosters or permanent homes. The cats are all adults so you wouldn’t need to deal with any of the kitten craziness.

Happy holidays to everyone and thanks for helping!

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